Surf in style!

Blog by Faith

When checking our website, we noticed that our last blog was from two years ago. Time for a new one, I guess 🙂

So what a ride these last two years have been. Who could have predicted that we had to face a whole pandemic? Luckily, we have the best guests, most of them we call friends or even family. You guys were the ones who stayed with us, and made our summers unforgettable! Our Santa Cruz Surfhouse family expends all over Europe; Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. At one point we almost had all of Berchtesgaden here, or what about the crew from Amsterdam, who came to surf several times. All our lovely friends from Switzerland. I can keep going on like this. 

Last winter we changed several things in and around our house. We now have a pizza oven, which you probably saw on our socials, or in real life. Together with the BBQ, which we have also moved to the terrace, we have created a place where you can hang out and have fun. This winter, Jack is not sitting still or just surfing/riding enduro. When you come back this summer, you will see what we have done with our kitchen. It’s ready for some more delicious meals.

Just keep an eye out for pictures, they will be posted as soon as all is finished.

We decided to disable our booking module on the website. From now on, all bookings can be done directly through WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. I have to say that Jack prefers WhatsApp, old guys are not so into social media ;D

Why have we done this? This is because we value our regulars and want to do all we can to accommodate you. Booking directly will make this possible, and to be honest, most of you already did this. Also, we want to give you the opportunity to book with your friends and/or family, or sports club for a nice active holiday.

The upcoming season will start with a bachelor weekend, full of surf, enduro, and a lot of beer. The second edition of the Women Only Week (WoW) will be a fact. This crazy bunch of tough girls had so much fun riding enduro, they are coming back for more. Furthermore, we are planning some surf events and enduro for the fall/winter.

If you have any ideas, please share them, we are always looking for nice new events that we can launch.

For now, I am just cooking a lot of new dishes on my new stove and baking in the new oven. So I can spoil you guys this summer.

Lots of prep from both of us to give you the best holiday ever!