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Harmony harvesting

  • Our Earth.
  • We live in a strange time to say the least. We know that we are destroying our earth. The air is polluted, CO2 and nitrogen are too high. We overfish and pollute our oceans, not to mention animal suffering. But our biggest problem is the destruction of our soil. It’s too much to mention. Too much to do anything about it personally, although many people do their best to contribute to the environment. Nice! But a drop in the ocean. Something drastic has to happen for humanity to have a future. Because everything is connected (holistically), we believe that if you approached agriculture (largest industry in the world) completely differently, a number of very big problems could be solved.
  • What will be resolved?
  • Thinking big, but why not. If 50% of all monoculture farming changed to diversity, no plowing and no pesticides. The CO2 goes down as well as the temperature of the earth. Not only because of the drop in CO2, but simply because the world will look a bit greener again. Waters will improve because all those pesticides will no longer end up in the groundwater. The ground is back to where it was meant to be. As a result, our food will improve in quality. As a result, we become healthier. As a result….and so on.
  • Together with nature.
  • Our contemporary agriculture is based on monoculture. That has grown over the years. It was then thought that the best choices were made to grow our food in that way. Now we know better. Now it’s time to change.A very easy rule that we follow is: Look at  nature. Nature has a solution for everything. Watch, learn and try. If nature thought monoculture was the best way to organize the earth, it would have been that way.

There are several new techniques and systems that work with a wide variety of plants and trees. Permaculture, holistic agriculture, RAS (regenerative forest/agriculture) and syntropic agriculture. In our opinion, the latter two are suitable to revolutionize agriculture. Reason, because these are suitable to be practiced on a very large scale in order to meet the high demand for food.

Our mission.

In short, awareness. What is going wrong in the world in the field of agriculture, but more importantly, what are the solutions? What can you contribute to it yourself? On a smaller scale, how can I start a system that is right for me? The more people know what we can do to get our world back on track, the sooner it gets to the people who can really do something about it, namely our farmers.

We are going to bring together and try out different systems on our land. With the principle of “learning by doing”. We hereby invite everyone to come and see or perhaps to help. We will also be giving or hosting courses. Are you interested in coming by to see what we are all about? Or do you want to participate in a course? Do you want to use our country and our accommodation to give a course? Please contact us!

Ocean to Earth

    The first course we will host is organized by Sylvia Adventure and is called “Ocean to Earth”. The second edition of it will take place from 1 to 3 March 2024.

Surfing gives the ultimate feeling of being one with nature. Reading the waves is like reading nature. Would you like to integrate this feeling into other areas of your life? Let permaculture be your guide to a lake with nature and regenerative way of life. Learn to work with the cycle of nature. Get ideas that help you on a personal and social level. Tools you can use in an urban lifestyle or to create an off the grid home.

What can you expect that week?

  • Some concepts that will be discussed.
    Permaculture Principles Working with nature. Patterns in Nature Elements, sector analyzes zoning Agroforestry Theory. Abundance of Nature, Seed saving – propagation plants. Animals in Systems, Water retention, irrigation – drought resistant plants. Making a banana circle. How to build healthy soil? Succession, garden concepts. Flower meadows – green manure. Making of natural fertilizers. Compost making – various methods. Excursion – harvesting food. discovering irrigation systems and polytunnels….
    For more information and/or registrations, please contact Sylvia or simply sent us a message.
  • Mail; sylvia@unfold360.com