soulfood vegan vegetarian cooking dinner

Surf in style!

vegetarian food soulfood vegan cooking dinner

After an intense (surf) day, the inner man must also be well looked after! Our own chef will take care that every evening a fantastic dinner will be served. Prepared with organic regional products we offer, among other things;        Sri Lankan and Thai curries, Mexican, Italian and Greek food with fish and / or meat. Vegetarian or vegan options are available as well. During dinner you will also receive a free drink and coffee.                       

For lunch we have a small menu with some delicious snacks, such as hamburgers or a hot dog, sandwich or even a pad thai noodles. We also offer fresh smoothies and shakes. Breakfast consists of; coffee, tea, jus ‘d orange, fruit, bread, jam, cheese and various other types of sieges (all rooms are incl. breakfast!).

(5x) dinne with dessert, coffee and a consumption;        € 75, –  We offer this in a package of 5x dinner so you can also enjoy the local Portuguese cuisine and to be able to give our chef the weekend off  ; ) Dinner can be booked when you book your room. 

The bar is open in the evening.

vegetarian food soulfood vegan
vegetarian food soulfood vegan