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Own Bike


If you own a enduro-bike and want to bring it to Portugale to be sure you have your best ride. We offer you a Full inclusive package containing of course;

1) the transport of the motorbikes from the Netherlands or Belgium to Portugal and back. *Other countries on request.

2) All other (personal) transport during the week and airport transfers.

3) Your accommodation.

4) breakfast, lunch and dinner. (All digests are without drinks!).

Because we think the accommodation is better suited for smaller groups and also to keep the journeys organized and to facilitate the transport of the motorcycles, we recommend booking with no more than 8 people. If your group is smaller the prices per participant will go up! If you want to book individually, just let us know and we  will see if we can arrange to join an other (small) group for you.

The price for this package is for 7 nights and 5 days of activities.

With 8 participants;  € 899,-  p.p. 

From here there are several options / activities to organize the week according to your own needs. All amounts below are also divisible by the number of participants! (in this example the price per person is with 8 participants)

  • Guide to the area of Torres Vedras, € 160.00 p.d. (€ 20 p.p.)
  • Guide / Clinic by * Fabio Pereira, € 280 p.d. (€ 35 p.p.)
  • Day on a private cross-circuit, € 475 (€ 59 p.p.)
  • Ride to Montejunto, € 360 (€ 45 p.p.)
  • ** Two day trip Setubal / Sines, € 600 (€ 75 p.p.)

The above amounts will be added to the amount of the fixed package, after which you will receive a grand total. Of course driving on eg WIKILOC or at your own discretion is also possible.

* Fabio Pereira former elite enduro rider at European level.

** Include; transport to Setubal, ferry, guide (s), overnight stay (s), digest (no drinks) broom wagon (s).

Just this; Own motor is a requirement. If you want to deviate from the above, everything is possible in consultation! The accommodation is complete and only for your group. Dates go in consultation our enduro season lasts from October to May. After 25% deposit total amount (fixed package and activities) is reserved for the week. After which residual payment is made one month before arrival! Airline tickets are not included so book your flights quickly, for the lowest prices

Due to the Corona crisis, we want to reward you when you book with us. You will receive a guide for one day for FREE.


Because endoro holiday’s are not yet implemented in our booking module, you should do it directly by clicking icon above!