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Garret Mcnamara

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Greg Noll


Kelly Slater

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Our house, your stay

Our house, your stay! We strive to make you feel at home. Our house is built in “traditional” Portuguese style (Alentejo) and you have a choice out of two suites with private bathroom and two double rooms with shared bathroom. All furniture is inspired by legends from the past and present, like Greg Noll and Kelly Slater. You also have the option to book a bed in the shared room.

Inside there are two communal areas (on the first and second floor) with pool billiards, Wi-Fi, TV, books and a balcony with bean bags on which you can enjoy the last bits of sun. Outside there is a large terrace where we eat and you can relax. We also serve a drink here all day, because you must not forget to hydrate while tanning. From the terrace you have a view of the swimming pool and the fantastic garden with various (fruit) trees and plants. At the very back of the garden you will find our chickens, who take care of the daily fresh eggs and take care of the organic waste.

A delicious breakfast is included with your stay. We serve this with fresh bread from our local padaria and fruit directly from our garden. We also have a small lunch menu and we offer the possibility to eat with us in the evening. Dinner can vary from a Sri Lankan or Thai curry, Greek or an nice BBQ and everything in between. Everything of course also for the vegetarians or the vegans.

Of course we provide surfing lessons or, for the more advanced surfers, visiting the many beautiful surf spots in our area. You also have to be with us for organizing trips and organizing cozy evenings by the campfire.

“Surf in style” our motto to make your holiday the best! Our “style” could become your style… 



The idea of ​​opening a surf house came about fifteen years ago when Jack realized that his surfing skills during a few weeks of vacation a year would never be as he would like. You have to live by the sea for that! That wish has now become reality. We specifically chose to settle here because of its location, between Peniche and Ericeira, two surf giants with dozens of surf spots. Santa Cruz itself is also a beautiful, quiet and picturesque village and boasts several fantastic surf spots, where even in the summer the line-up is not too busy.

We are now five years later and several changes have taken place. One of these changes is a second activity besides surfing, riding ENDURO. Dirt bikes, sand, mud, fun, endurance and beer! A few keywords for a fantastic enduro holiday.

A second change or actually another extra activity is that we have started a new large project. Under the name, “Santa Cruz Surfhouse Syntropic Gardening”.


  • In March 2023 We have been given the opportunity to enlarge our garden by one hectare of land. Directly behind our house there is a piece of farmland where our new project will take place. Think of permaculture, sustainable gardening and syntropic food forest. No pesticides and no tillage or mono culture. But diversity, soil improvement and a natural ecosystem. Under these headings we will see where the new way of farming can take us.
  • In any case, a healthier life with honest products.
    Hosting courses on sustainable agriculture.
  • You will also find our animals in the lower agricultural gardens; Goats, our donkey and the chickens.
  • These properties combined form the basis for our surfhouse, a stay based on sport, health, conviviality, enjoying life and good food.

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