yoga surf Santa Cruz surfhouse event vacation

Surf in style!

yoga surf Santa Cruz surfhouse event vacation

Yoga, gives you the flexibility that can be used when surfing. Surfing gives you satisfaction by being one with nature, the ocean and the water. Two sports that fit together so beautifully and complement each other. That is why the cooperation between “YO”, yoga school Valkenburg and Santa Cruz Surfhouse, Portugal, feels so natural. We offer you a fully catered week, where the combination of yoga and surfing comes first. The yoga classes will be provided by Elijah Benjamin and will be with Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. The styles in short:

The word Vinyasa literally means “to place in a special way”. Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic form of yoga, consisting of a creative series of asanas (postures) that are connected to each other by means of breathing.
Yin Yoga is a form of Yoga where we hold the different postures for a long time, the focus here will not be on stretching muscles but on strengthening and loosening of connective tissue and joints.
Elijah: “That Surfing and Yoga at Santa Cruz Surfhouse come together is something very beautiful. An interesting challenge to make the yoga functionally connected to surfing. To bring back certain elements, such as the balance you need for surfing, in the yoga classes. I am very much looking forward to be able to offer you things that will benefit you on your surf board during the week, but perhaps even more important in your daily life. “

The surf lessons, given by SCS, will take place daily and depending on the conditions and the tides, we will see where and at what time, this takes place.                                                                                                                                                      You will stay in our traditionally built house in Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras, Portugal. At your disposal you have a beautiful garden with swimming pool, a large terrace, living room and a pool billard. The rooms all have a surf theme and are fully equipped. WIFI is free throughout the house. Fully looked after, also means that everything is well organized for you. Yoga and surfing are physically pretty heavy and therefore the inner (wo)man has to be well taken care of. We will therefore ensure that a good breakfast, lunch and dinner is prepared. Vegetarian or vegan is no problem here!

You can choose from different rooms in different price ranges;

Shared room, a fantastic stay in a separate building suitable for 9 people sleeping in very luxurious bunk beds. The plumbing for these people is in an outside bathroom with shower.

Price; € 599, –

Double rooms with shared bathroom (2x), These rooms are located on the ground floor and have access to a very spacious bathroom with shower and bath.

Price; € 699, –

Double rooms with private bathroom (2x), These rooms are  on the first floor, where our pool billard is located. On that floor is also a large balcony where you can enjoy the setting sun. The rooms are very spacious with large built-in wardrobes and have as mentioned a private bathroom with shower and bath.

Price; € 899, –

Prices are incl. Stay, breakfast, dinner, yoga and surf lessons, transfer from and to Lisbon airport. Flights need to be arranged in by yourself !!

                                              You can book one of these options by calling- or sending us an e-mail;                                               info@santacruz-surfhouse.com  /  +351 915601007 , +32 486 029209