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Special offers



We offer families or groups the opportunity to book our entire accommodation. In this way there are no “strangers” and therefore no extra risk of infection! We want to make very special prices for this, but because there are so many different options, you must contact us directly so that we can make you a fantastic offer !!


Special and only for you as a surfer! Because we are a surf house, you as a surfer will of course receive special treatment. If you book one night with us in one of our beautiful rooms, including breakfast, it will cost you only € 50, – But if you book two nights, you will only pay € 47.50 For three nights, you will only pay € 45.00 And for four nights or more only € 42.50 per night (This applies to the rooms available at the time). Of course you can always book our dormitory for only € 20 per night including a fantastic breakfast. Interesting? For bookings of this “SURFERS SPECIAL” you have to email or call us…

-This offer is valid in the months of June and July-


Because of the corona crisis we have decided to start the season for winter surf more early and so this special offer.

You can book now for this venture starting September. In addition, with every booking we also want to offer a dinner in a local, typical Portuguese restaurant called “Boca Santa” !!


Now that the different countries are slowly working on the so-called exit plans, we started thinking about how we can receive you as guests again and reward you for that. We did not come to just one offer, but we put together a whole package! One of the thoughts behind this was to support local businesses!

What we have extra to offer you this holiday season;

place to be for the best Portugues cuisine...