Surf in style!


These two amazing guys and their workshops can be visited for FREE;

– Johny, a surfer in heart and soul and also a fantastic (surf) artist. We visit his studio and he explains what he does exactly.

– Our local shaper “Hugo Carxacana” and his surfboard factory SPO, where we also get a tour with an explanation of how a surfboard is actually manufactured.


You can also get a FREE Longboard (dance) lesson from one of the best longboarders we know, Valerya.

Your weekly program when you stay with us;

  1. Starting Monday, Jack will give a theoretical surf lesson. This varies from how waves are created to what the rules are in the water and everyone can participate for FREE.
  2. Every Tuesday we organize a hike through the dunes of Santa Rita with the highlight a long climb to Monte Sta.Rita with the most spectacular view.
  3. On Wednesday there is the weekly BBQ where every guest who stays with us can join for FREE.
  4. Thursday is special for the guests who have booked our dinner package. They are going to eat with my best friend Rui this evening. Restaurant “Boca Santa”, Local, typical Portuguese and delicious fish !!
  5. Friday evening we do the well-known pasteleria action! Anyone who has been in Portugal and does not know it, might as well say that they have not been in Portugal …

And last but not least for the guests who have booked surf lessons or the Ride & Surf package get a free video analysis of our gift !!