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Your best winter yet begins here...

I still remember the times when I continuously monitored the weather forecast of the French Alps. Until the moment it was going to dump. Call a few friends, fix a car, get some cash for petrol, arrange accommodation and go !! Enjoy the best snow and delicious powder riding in the sun with your comrades.

We came up with the same concept for our “winter surf”. We will keep an eye on the weather forcast and the upcoming swell and if these are the best for you, you can book your accommodation, ride & surf, food and even a board and wetsuit. Our surf forcast can be found on our instagram and Fb account at that time.

Mid-week, long weekend you name it. “Winter surf”, when all conditions are at its best, sun, sea, beautiful waves and little to no people in the line-up. Isn’t that what you want ?!

What are the possibilities?

  1. A long weekend; 3 nights 2 days ride and surf, breakfast, lunch, dinner and transfer € 399,- now € 349,-
  2. a mid-week; 4 nights 3 days ride and surf, breakfast, lunch, dinner and transfer € 559,- now € 449,-
  3. or just a whole week; 7 nights 5 days ride and surf, breakfast, lunch, dinner and transfer € 849,- now  € 699,-

You will stay in one of our suites the “McNamara or the“ Greg Noll ”! As mentioned, all food is included and also included in the price are, all your transport to and from the airport and all rides to the various surf spots. For more info about that click Ride & Surf .Your surf material is not included but you can bring your own or rent it from us. Two things, one, minimum amount of participants is two people maximum 4 !! If you want to deviate from this, please contact us. Second, the winter season, and therefore these special offers, last from October to May.


Because this option is not yet implemented in our booking module, you can do it directly by clicking the booking icon. And because winter surf will most likely be a last-minute booking, we ask you to transfer the entire amount at once! Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us !!

Book your best surf experience now...