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syntropic agroforestry

It’s been a while (again) since we wrote a blog. But now we do have something big to share!
Since March 2023 we have been given the opportunity to add 1 hectare of land, right behind our house, slightly lower, to our property.

Regular guests know that we have some animals. Berky our donkey, Roze, Cliff and Luisa the goats and of course some chickens.
Now that we have so much land, Juny and Indy, mother horse (10 y) and foal (3 months) have joined us. 
All the animals are taken care of by Faith and Destiny. Their love for animals has always been great. It´s been a big wish of Faith to own several animals. Finally it came true.

In addition, we want to experiment with sustainable agriculture on the rest of the land. We believe this is the future of living healthy and in harmony with nature. Our first interest goes out to Syntropic (food) forest agriculture. Based on the system developed by Ernst Gutz. A Swiss who lives in Brazil. It is based on how a tropical rainforest functions and how nature works.
The first plantings have already been done, but there is still a lot to do. All the more reason to involve people in our project. Are you interested in these types of systems and are you not afraid to do some work? Please let us know.
To introduce people to a sustainable way of growing fruit and vegetables and to spread the know-how and awareness . Will we also host courses? There is already one in the works that will take place sometime in November. Are you interested in that? Let us know.

You see thing are happening for us! We look forward to what the future will bring us. Santa Cruz surfhouse has become more than just surfing. Hopefully we can welcome you here to make you part of the SCS family. Hope to see you soon…