Surf in style!

Logo contest


Welcome to our site and welcome to our LOGO FESTIVAL!!

On this page you’ll find a bunch of different colour combinations of our logo that have also been posted on Instagram. What do you need to do to …. WIN A CLOTHING PACK ! Describe which of the colour schemes you like the best in the most creative and original way.

# What does it make you feel?

# What are the colours saying to you?

  • # Go loco and keep it clean!

  • # Who would be the perfect host to carry this logo around?

# Give the logo a name!!

In January we will pick the logo with the most original description and will use it in our collection. The winner of the contest will win a full size clothing package!!

At the bottom of the page you can leave your descriptions and submit your entry. You can do this as often as you wish and for as many different logo schemes! This is also possible through Instagram, simply tag a pal/friend and describe the logo of choice. Just give us the number of your favourite logo and the description and you’re done. Don’t forget to give the wesbite a browse and see what is on offer during the summer…

Logo No. 1
Logo No. 2

Submited by “unknown”; LAKERS ‘R GO !!

Logo No. 3
Logo No. 4

Submited by Goof;                                                                The dukes of Fanta Cruz
While the General Lee flies in to the lemon tinted sunset, my guitar softly screams: STOP WORKING! GO SURFING!

Logo No. 5
Logo No. 6
Logo No. 7
Logo No. 8
Logo No. 9
Logo No. 10

Submited by “unknown”; Crazy Banana

Logo No. 11
Logo No. 12
Submited by Goof;
Bacon scented rose butts
While the pig screamed Mary, Kim holland showed up in the line up. High heeled, all laced up and ready for action. The set came in and i started paddling . Kim dropped in on me. But I got up on my board and give her the finger. She took it like a Pro and we never saw each other again. The smell on that finger still remains..