Surf in style!

– – Tired of the bad weather and tired of the “normal” work, it is really time to go to Portugal, to our Santa Cruz. Finally!!

After last year with a fantastic season, we unfortunately had to back home in November. This year it will hopefully be different. We are about to leave Belgium to not to return again. Sounds heavy but it is not, we just want to spend the winters in Portugal aswell, starting this year. (We will obviously still visit our daughters and the rest of the family, but not for too long)

Faith still has to work for a few last days, at the office where she has enjoyed working for past 12 years. But of course she can’t wait to leave. I, myself still have some work to finish, but then it is time to pack up the last stuff, our dog Jake and drive of into the sunset.

The second season is on it’s way again. We are looking forward to meeting new people, having fun, eat some good food and surf as all of this is on this years menu again. I can’t wait!!

Hope to see you soon ?!