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Surf in style!

“holo nalu” 

Meaning; ride waves…In the beginning there were no shortboards the only thing you had where the big ass 10 footers.
That’s how surfing started! But it still exists, only for a few fanatics that know where surfing is all about. Longboarding; graceful(ly) gliding on a never ending wave. Walking to the front of your board all the way to the nose, curling 5, no maybe even 10 toes around it. After which you cross step your way back to the tail of your board to turn it in another direction…

this describes the ultimate ride of a longboarder. This is what we want to achieve. To get there you need a lot of practice. But it is fun. Cause I think longboarders are the ones with the most fun in the water. Just because they catch more waves!

Are you a longboarder or do you want to experience what it is to ride a longboard? Are you a beginner, never surfed before? Or a longboard crack that rides wave after wave?

We @ “Santa Cruz Surfhouse”, are organizing an all-inclusive longboard week for all levels!!

That includes; your full board stay (7 nights), meaning; breakfast in our beautiful Portuguese house, lunch on the beach and every evening a beautiful dinner prepared by our own chef.

                       Every day (5 day’s) surfing at one of the few dozen surfspots between Figuera da Foz and Costa Caparica!! visiting all longboard-waves this cost has to offer. It’s all about having fun, surfing togetter with same minded guy’s and girls, having a laugh and enjoy the waves and the sun. In the evening after dinner watch a nice surf movie, discuss the day and the beautifull waves you have had at a bonfire with a cold beverage. At the end of the week we will have a “expression session” where you can show all the new tricks you have learned from eachother that week hopefully to win a nice suprise (?).

Also included is all transports to and from the beaches, surfspots, city center and even your airport transfers! Equipment is not included! But you can bring your own board or rent one.

So what will all of this cost I hear you think….? And when?

starting from  € 649,- 

 11 till 18 September 2021

  • 7 nights stay
  • Breakfast
  • 5 day’s Ride&Surf
  • Lunch
  • Diner
  • All transportation
  • Transfers
  • Expression session
  • Only longboard 

For booking please contact us by email; info@santacruz-surfhouse.com  Or Whatsapp  +351 92 66 70 216


Advantages of longboard surfing:

  1. Wave-catching advantage over shortboards: you’ll ride more waves than many others, but remember never to sit further out than your peers.

2. Feeling what Duke Kahanamoku used to feel: the joy of traveling 100 yards in Waikiki, with your eyes closed, and just feeling the breeze on your tanned skin.

3. Unexpected fun factor in small waves: one-foot summer rollers? No problem. Your longboard will do enough. 

4. The effortless glide: have you ever felt how the entire plank slides over the water? It’s a heavenly feeling.

5. A survival alternative to injured surfers: have you had a problem with your shoulder?

Do you feel pain in your back? You will catch waves effortlessly with a log.

6. Getting back to the roots of low-performance surfing: call it retromania or just trimming. Forget tricks and maneuvers for a while. Immerse your soul in love.

7. New challenges in the nose of the board: there are complicated skills and tricks to be unlocked. Find your balance in new areas of the deck.

8. Relax and enjoy the ride at its purest form – don’t take surfing too seriously: take off, pop up, close your eyes, and fly down the line.

9. Longboards are great for older surfers: it is never late to learn how to surf. A longboard is a perfect pick for new veteran beginners.